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Hello Internets!

Well, it’s a day again. Or perhaps a night.


Here’s my topic for today.

It just came to me one night, as I sat in the post-Thanksgiving food coma that usually lasts for several days.

*begin pitch*

You are aware, of course, that each holiday has its various costumes. Easter? The Easter Bunny. Halloween? (insert favorite Halloween costume). Christmas? Santa. (or Jesus).

Even more disturbing, these holiday costumes have been perverted by the touch of a sexually repressed society, until they have become the ‘Sexy Easter Bunny.’ Sexy Santa (or Sexy Jesus). Therefore, I suggest and submit a new costume for your entertainment and titillation.


The Sexy Puritan costume!

Ever wanted to celebrate Thanksgiving without needing to dress up as a large, mostly terrestrial bird? Well now you can! Just slap on this costume—a process requiring only three hours and a state-licensed blacksmith—and you’re ready to go!

Yours for only SEVEN EASY PAYMENTS OF $29.99!

Act now! This offer is sure to go fast!


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  1. 🙂 Hi, you. So far, so good! (Note: this is NOT spam)

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