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Gooooood morning internet!

Well, I’ve been doing this for a while now, and as I approach my fifth post I feel I should write something more introspective.

As a result, today I’ll be explaining the name of my blog, blow-by-blow. It will be very exciting. Hold onto your hats!


This refers to the psychologist Carl Jung, who is generally awesome and founded his own school of psychology back before it was easy to found a school of psychology.  His focus was not on curing a mental ‘disease’ but on finding the reason behind it.  Just as awesomely, he was not a closed-minded doctor–Jung was very open to alternative treatments and the possibilities of unexplained psychological phenomena.  He may even have caused a few.

Psychology can be ugly reading, but two of my favorite books in any field are ‘C.G. Jung Speaking’ and Jung’s own autobiography, ‘Memories, Dreams, Reflections.”


Who could this be other than Oscar Wilde? The most awesome gay Irish playwright of all time?  I was fortunate enough to be able to read his complete works, and I’ve seen both versions of The Importance of Being Earnest (hint: the older one is better; but that’s a different post).  Oscar Wilde is one of my heroes insofar as writing is concerned.  He’s like H.P. Lovecraft except he can also write comedy, and is Irish, and wasn’t terminally ill.


This is a conjunction, used in the language ‘English’ to connect two words together.  It is also an acronym for ‘Also, Normally Dinosaurs’.  Because dinosaurs do usually appear in my blog.


The country ‘America’ or the “‘United’ States” is known as the “Land of the Free,” and thus I am using this to signify my current location in the world.


These are the people who provide me with a web page for my blog. Thank you people! 😀


This is part of the website. Duh.

There you have it–a basic explanation of the reasoning behind my blog name. If you didn’t care, then thanks for reading this far anyway. Give yourself a cookie.



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  1. I L, O, V, E this. 🙂 The ‘and’ defenition is exceptional.

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