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I’ve posted my sixth post! Oh my god! How awesome is that?

I’m totally a veteran blogger now!

Due to indescribable cosmic horror, my fifth post was rather incoherent, but I promise that this particular one shall be more intelligible.

I’m looking at a website from the makers of Icanhazcheesburger–about the art of trolling. 😀

And yes, it’s probably at least 20% fake, and yes, it’s disgusting and coarse and not appropriate for younger viewers. But every now and then there are images like this. 

This screenshot inspires a great deal. It reminds me that, no matter what country we log on from or which MMORPG we play, we’re all nerds, and we can still connect even over the internet.

Now, to turn around and discuss the opposite issue.

Content is a monster.  In this day and age it’s all about content.  Movies. Youtube. The Chive. Memes like the lolcats.  Information is being fired at us at a terminally accelerating rate.

And now, we have Facebook.  Facebook is the worst of the bunch.  It provides content created by your friends. It allows you to have hundreds of friends without having to ever talk to a human being face-to-face. It takes the human connection out of the equation.

Now, I’m not saying Facebook is bad. I use it a lot, I admit.

I’m not saying content is bad either.  Content can be funny/sad/informative. Sometimes it can even actually change someone’s life.

But I’m trying to cut back on Facebook. And on my coasting over internet humor sites.  And I’m trying to go out more often and talk to real people. Because, you know what? Facebook isn’t a good substitute for a real group of people. If you’re up at midnight and FB chatting with your friends in an empty room–guess what, you’re still alone. And I feel it.  Don’t you?  So (finish reading this blog), turn off the computer, and go talk to someone. At least once a day, speak to a real human being, face to face, without it being about food that they’re giving you.


Han clearly shot first.


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