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A new year? Again? I just got one a few months ago!

…do you have the receipt?

No, but seriously.

Happy new year! I hope it’s an awesome one for you, who/what/where ever you are.  I wish you nothing but prosperity and happiness, and lots of chocolates on Valentine’s Day.  I hope all of your dreams come true, except the ones about pitiless crusteceanoids from an alien star quietly sabotaging our planet, because those are already all too real.

But I’ve said too much.

I mean, erm..

…So! How about that holiday season, huh?

(awkward silence)


Oh right! Goals! I can talk about those!

I have a few major goals for this year. It’ll be an eventful one, I can tell you that already–I’ll be flying away to some college or other come autumn! But enough about me. Here’s some more about me!

I finally got a full piano transcription of Toccata and Fugue! How awesome is that?

I intend to learn the WHOLE DAMN THING this year.  It’ll be…entertaining.

I also have to get a job sometime in the next few weeks, so that I can get a new laptop. Because, heading into college, a laptop will be a singularly valuable tool. And also because the one I have now is rapidly outliving its usefulness.

I’m currently ‘writing’ a fantasy ‘novel’. I’m about half done after a year of 60% working on it, 10% working on college stuff and 30% being distracted by anime girls and video games colorful objects.

Those are just three of my goals.

A big one here: I intend to update my blog less randomly. I’ll update at least once a week, hopefully, from now on, and I’ll do the same with my DeviantArt page (Check it out! In the ‘Things I Find Awesome’ page. I won’t link to it, because I know you’ll go over and investigate, trustworthy reader)!

Some more include getting a digital design program, so I can actually create my own 3d models rather than just using set ones. And of course a car. And maybe a trial of EvE online.

My question to you, mystery reader, is this:

What are your goals? Do you hold hope for their achievement? Isn’t Prototype an awesome game? Are you ready to RUMBLE sorry I got distracted.  Shiny objects. *_*

That’s all I have to say at the moment.


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