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Hey there internet,

Let’s talk about psychology again! YAY! And blend it with a bit of philosophy and optimism! WOOO!


Who here knows what an anima figure is?

Okay, now read the link.

Now, for everyone who went “OMG TL;DR,” here’s the condensed version.

Within every person there are archetypes. These are image-entities that embody some deep psychological tendency.   No one person’s archetype will be exactly identical to another, yet as the name suggests, there are many similarities.

Every woman counts among these archetypes an animus, an embodiment of all that is masculine inside that woman’s own psyche.  The feminine is expressed in her personal being, and thus the animus takes the form of an outside entity.

Every man expresses the masculine within their personal being. Thus, they (we?) instead have an anima. An embodiment of all that is feminine within our psyche.

The anima/animus can take a number of shapes and appearances. In an unbalanced soul, it might appear dark or all-consuming–thus we have the “Bluebeard” story or the myth of the succubus.

In a perfectly centered emotional state, the anima figure appears as a human, of the opposite gender.

We tend to be attracted to soulmates with the same characteristics as our anima. Thus, for example, we have Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn in Bringing Up Baby. The intellectual attracted to his opposite, the emotional, and vice versa.

These figures appear in dreams or visions.

Usually, these dreams are vivid, haunting, and hold some clue to your further psychic development.  Also characteristic of them is a feeling of loss. As if you’ve actually met someone, and you miss them when the dream ends.

/enter philosophy.

What do you think, internet people?

This whole concept of separate entities within the unconscious is so awesomely cool for me.  I’m not just ME, some random teenage kid with no idea what he’s going to do.

I am the uppermost entity of a legion of powers, all working together to achieve some purpose that the conscious mind has not yet realized.  The people around me are similarly multitudes, each one with different entities riding at the forefront of their psyche.

IMHO, that’s what they mean when they say “When you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.”

They mean that if you are in harmony with yourself, and if you have aligned yourself with your personal archetypes, no power in the verse can stop you.

Yes, that was a Firefly quote.  So what.

Until next time, internet.


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