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The anima/animus archetype is often a fairly benevolent one.

If an individual attempts to ignore or repress their ‘inner voices,’ sure, then they might get ticked off–it’s from these unbalanced anima that we get the vampire–this inner figure sucks the life force from anyone who tries to go against their unconscious nature.

But mostly, the anima/animus serves mostly to awaken the conscious, to bring about positive change and growth as an individual. To act as the muse whose myths they have spawned.

A significantly less passive archetype is the Wotan.

This guy.

A creature of upheaval and discord, the Wotan is a symbol and a precursor of a storm.

He appears as a furred or fur-wrapped creature or man, and moves at lightning speed. He passes around any obstacle, and destroys things in his wake.

The most prominent example of the awakened wotan (and the one mentioned by Jung in the article linked to the picture) is World War II.

Germany was reeling from the first world war, still seeking for an anchor. Instead, they found Hitler, who swept them up into the hurricane.

Whoa that sounds cool.

But seriously:

All of the country was carried along by World War II. The symbol of the Reich–the swastika–was in fact a whirling hurricane.

The destructive impulse of the Wotan carried Germany along for a while, through the first part of the war…and then, as tornados often do, it softly and suddenly vanished away. A large number of people became disillusioned. The tide of battle turned. And a major apparition of that kind has not been seen since.

And now, let’s change the subject.


How’s it going? Crazy? I thought so.

I gotta say, really cool what the army is doing. By which I mean nothing.  Good. That’s a hard choice to make, and it was well made, in my opinion.

The country is going crazy. There are people on horseback fighting for the fate of Egypt. As awesome as that sentence is, remember: the fate of an entire country of people is at stake. Pick a side, even if that side is “the middle.”


You’ll notice that my sentences are followed by only one space. This is because IT’S GRAMMATICALLY CORRECT. Ahmahgawd.

That is all. Here’s a picture of an airplane on fire to brighten up your day (ha, ha).

“Attention, this is your captain speaking. The engines are not on fire. Not all of them, anyway.”


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