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[So here’s the deal.  I’ve decided that, for as long as I keep this blog up, every year (at some point around Saint Paddy’s) I will upload a slice of my take on life. The guidelines that I have absorbed from experiences, from friends, from reading. Here is the first, written at the age of 19, approximately 6 months before I head(ed?) off to college.]

The world is divided into four categories.*

Things that are awesome.

Things that are silly.

Things that suck.

Things that are awesome should be cherished, preserved, guarded, and enjoyed with whatever frequency you feel is necessary. Awesome things can include friends, TV shows, pets, memories, web sites, organizations, music, food, and the environment. Parties are awesome.

Things that are silly should be nurtured and aided until they become awesome, because if left neglected they will begin to suck. Some silly things can include tasks and chores, which should be done with care and sensitivity to prevent them from sucking. Many government processes are silly. Sadness is also rather silly. Extremism is mostly silly.

Things that suck should be combated with everything at your disposal, from machine guns and brave martial coups to offering a hug to the right person at the right time. The degree of your response should scale with the quantity of suck involved, i.e. things that suck a lot require multiple people, whereas things that only kinda suck can be taken care of by one dedicated individual.

*: Note that there are only three things listed. This is because the world makes no sense. Things that are awesome can occur randomly and without warning even in the middle of something incredibly sucky. Incredibly, sanity-blastingly awesome things can fall victim to events that suck beyond belief. And, of course, silly things just kind of…happen.

Everything is transient. Facebook may crash, taking with it all the little dramas that popped up around it. Countries and ecosystems can topple with little to no warning. Enjoy what is here, while it is, because it may cease to be. Jeez, don’t get all angsty about it, it’s how the world works—the old Celtic circle, a never-ending cycle that feeds in and back through itself.

“Sadness” as an emotion is not silly. Mourning is not silly.

But pointless, aimless, redundant, self-destructive angst is self-destructive, aimless, pointless, and redundant. Also silly.

Take nothing too seriously. However, if you hurt people’s feelings with your mirth, you are being an ass and should at least try to quiet down about it. No giggling in the funeral.

No living entity on this planet has the right to control another, in any way.

The most important phrase someone can say is “piss off.” Respect it. NO x 1 = NO.



  1. In people categories, there are people who are immature by thinking they are mature enough to do/see things they are too immature to see/do. This makes them immature, as I just said, and that’s when you use the important phrase of “Piss Off.”

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