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Hello there internet!

Sorry for the break, I was distracted by video games and sparkly colors.

Since we last saw each other, a lot has happened, hasn’t it? Oh yes it has. The man who schemed up and directed an attack on America has been killed, 9 years and some-odd months later. The strike team was supposedly made up of navy SEALS, but my personal belief is those soldiers are all secretly dinosaurs. Or grizzly bears.*  And it was done without any American casualties.

HOWEVER. It should be noted that the death of a woman being used as a shield was reported.  Not negatively reported, not to detract in any way from this achievement, but acknowledged.

Do I think this is a historic event? Maybe. President Obama himself stated that he made “the killing or capture” of Osama Bin Laden the top priority of the CIA. Which means that  the full focus of one of the largest nations in the world was bent upon the destruction of one man. And sure enough, we did it, 3 years later.  Good. Well done, and cookies for all the SEALs! Now let’s move on to his lowlife friends. Even if Osama was (/nerd metaphor!) the Moriarty of terrorism, his creation has worked smoothly enough without him, and it will continue to roll onwards until we dismantle it.

And I also approve (please imagine the monkey picture again) of the stipulation in Obama’s address last night, where he stated emphatically that the “war” on terrorism is not and never should be considered synonymous with a war on the Islamic world.

*note: The word “GRISLY”, as in something gruesome or repulsive, is NOT THE SAME AS the word “GRIZZLY,” which is  a kind of large land predator from the family Ursidae.  PLEASE GET THIS RIGHT, or I WILL BEAT YOU TO DEATH with my copy of Webster’s Vest Pocket Dictionary.  For reference: 


Above is a grizzly bear: a large, furred omnivore of the family Ursidae. Below is Cthulhu, a grisly ancient horror.


This demonstration brought to you by Google Image search and Tor’s frustration with misspellings.

Now, let us discuss something GRISLY. Not something GRIZZLY, which, as previously addressed, is a kind of bear,  nor something GRISTLY, such as an old rooster.

[I searched for “old rooster” in every possible permutation, and found a number of things which did not relate to roosters, but did relate to old people. In the end, I decided a picture was not necessary.]

We are all familiar, I trust, with the H.P. Lovecraft story Herbert West: Reanimator. 

Now, we–wait, you’re not? Go read it.

Now that you’ve read it, you should check out the movie of the same name.

And then the musical. Yes, the musical: I just saw Reanimator: The Musical and it was awesome. Any play that begins with detached eyeballs is clearly a work of genius.  You’ve got one month. Go. Now. You can tell them you read about it here, but that won’t matter because no one there knows me, so whatever. But go see it.


My Fair Lady is still an awesome movie, and the play that inspired it is still awesome, and [UNRELATED FACT] The Importance of Being Earnest is still brilliant.

Coming up next time–I try and summarize Jung’s psychology/worldview for a friend, who I told a long time ago I would explain what “Jungian Psychology” meant.  Expect a long interval between this post and the next as I frantically try to avoid having to answer it.

Until then, STAY AWESOME.


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  1. Wait, so a grizzly is something not nice, and a grisly is a bear?
    It that it?

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