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Anonymous is cool. I’m down with that. I dig the nifty masks, their mad haxxor skills, their terrifying left-wing anarchist ‘Big Brother Is Watching You’ vibe.


They’ve got issues.

Anonymous picks its “targets” on whim and public opinion. It is, therefore, incapable of prolonged, sustained action—the attention span of the populace is too short. Unfortunately, sporadic, random events do not trigger change. Only sustained effort produces any long-term effect beyond outrage.

Anonymous needs a goal.

For that to happen, they need a leader.

Anonymous quite obviously has no leader. And while the group remains thus, impulsive and indecisive, they will remain a sporadically active pack of quasi-terrorists, good for some lulz but not much else.

Think of it, though. An Anonymous with a leader, with a purpose. They could reshape the world as we know it, laying siege to the networks of dictators, crushing attempts at internet content monitoring, exposing rigged elections.  They’d form a counterbalancing force to worldwide internet corporations, an insurance policy against cyber-repression. To put it in the most clichéd form possible: They would become a powerful force for good.

I mean, I’m all for anarchy. Woo, chaos. But pure chaos only destroys, because at our most basic humans are chemically and emotionally creatures of order.  So we need to temper Anonymous’ sociopathic glee with human empathy.

Of course, likely nothing will change.

Likely, about fifteen people will read this post, go “huh, that’s cool, he’s awesome” and go on with their lives. Likely, once I’m done writing this post, I’ll go on with my life.

Anonymous may even hax me for daring to criticize them.

But you know what?

I felt it needed to be said.

And isn’t that the best reason to say something?


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