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Ave, lector.



Favorite animal, category: Rainforest non-legged vertebrates: EYELASH VIPER.


This snake makes it to the top of that particular list for three reasons.

1.  It looks SO PRETTY.

2.  It is an active and enthusiastic predator, one that ‘practices’ its strikes and learns from its mistakes.

3.  It is venomous.

Together, these three characteristics add together into something wonderful that I would not mind having as a pet.

Next up on the sudden and unexpected list of THINGS I WOULD NOT MIND HAVING AS A PET, Karen Gillan! the Humboldt Squid!


Growing up to a wonderful ten feet long, these squid can be found in pretty much every ocean, eating the everlovin’ shit out of anything in their path.  They will attack fish, divers, boats, fishhooks, sharks, carrion, divers again, wounded humboldt squid, cameras, and anything else that is within tentacle-reach and looks even remotely edible (read: ANY PHYSICAL OBJECT).

I think they’re adorable.

In fact, if I could talk to animals, this would be the first creature that would come to mind as an ally.  No messing around with squirrels here–just lure your enemy into the nearest body of saline water and whistle for some of these sleek babies.  CALAMARI EATS YOU.  BAM. Problem solved, and ONCE AGAIN, THE DAY IS SAVED, THANKS TO THE POWERPUFF GIRLS  A PACK OF TERRIFYING CEPHALOPODS! 


Literary assignment:

I read the short story (?) The Babylon Lottery recently for a class (that’s a Borges story, by the way), and I am assigned to write about it. So as a way of freeing up the creative powers of my mind, I will describe this story to you.

It’s actually a vaguely disturbing story.

It tells about a society in which CHANCE is embraced as the guiding tenet of all civilization, where the allegiances and obligations and fates of every man, woman, and child hang upon the results of a lottery that officially no longer exists.  The people have become so addicted to the randomness of their own fate that they have granted to the creators of the lottery ULTIMATE POLITICAL POWER.

It’s strange, and it entertains me, and I approve of it.


I just finished an awesome book series.  They are unofficially called the Pendergast novels and I am amused/entertained by them.  This is important because I need to be amused/entertained by books, especially when I am reading things that are not at all amusing/entertaining as part of my college education.

Anyway, as someone fond of the Sherlock-style deduction stories and the violent-yet-chivalrous-gentleman stories, I approve of these books for anyone who is (a) over 15 (or more, depending on degrees of mental scarring) and (b) likes thrillers.

I must also salute the individual who recommended them, who shall remain nameless because EVERYONE REMAINS NAMELESS ON MY BLOG. Why? Because ALL PEOPLE ARE EQUAL.

But that’s a subject for another blog post.


I shall discuss something else.

What is it?

I don’t know.  I haven’t really thought of that myself.

I like psychology.

In fact, almost everything about psychology sounds interesting to me.  Studying people, learning how their minds work, learning what influences how they make life decisions, all of that sounds fascinating.

Why? Because people are cool.  And like all cool things, they’re even cooler when you know more about them.  When you can understand how they respond to all the varied vicissitudes of life.

Not to mention the fact that psychology is a humanizing science.  When you realize the infinite capacity of the mind to adapt and recreate itself to mitigate traumatic events, the myriad ways in which a single trauma can completely shatter a perfectly well-formed personality, then suddenly every form of abuse is an outrage, any form of antagonism repugnant.

Inversely, psychology can be a weapon.  In a hostage situation, in real life they don’t call a superhero–they call a negotiator, a psychologist, an analyst trained to follow the workings of the criminal mind.  In a confrontation–be it a game of spoons or an armed robbery–knowledge of how people think and decide can play a crucial role in survival, or in your chances of grabbing a spoon.

Helping people becomes much simpler once you know how the mind reacts to stress and what behaviors are helpful or healthy.  I don’t know for sure yet if I want to be a psychologist (although I am very close to deciding whether or not to go for a Ph.D), but I do know I will take at least one class on that subject in the next two semesters.

Also: Psychology is just plain cool.  To me, not much is cooler than being able to know just what to say to someone to make them feel completely at ease.  In films or fiction, simply shooting someone isn’t particularly impressive, but the moment in Silence of the Lambs where Hannibal Lecter literally convinces a man to kill himself is pretty ******* badass. [honorable mention in this category goes to book 10 of the “Pendergast novels.”]

In short: I like psychology.  Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to master it, and although that is a daunting prospect indeed I very much hope that I have the strength of character needed to carry it out. If not…well, I’ll burn cross that bridge when I come to it.

Notice something?

My writing became animated as I began to talk about psychology.  As time progressed it became apparent that this subject puts fire in my veins.  If you could see my face as I discuss it, you’d have the same impression.

So what makes you do that, lector?  What field of study puts a light in your eyes and a spring in your step?  What inflames you so that you could talk about it for hours, so that you would give your right arm to have the mastery of it?

Whatever it is, even if it is not what you are meant to do, it is at the very least a part of who you are trying to be, who you are, and it is something that you should listen to.

So examine that passion.  Scrutinize that art, that thought, that action that galvanizes you, that makes you burst with energy.  If you apply your thought to it, it will in time yield up its role in your future, and you will be freed to attack it with all your might.

And then, you will be INVINCIBLE.

So on that note, I will leave you to ponder.  What makes me end the post with this, I have no idea, but merely the vague and inscrutable feeling that this is meant to be the end of my speech to you.

So vale, lector, and best of wishes for the day that follows, for it is indeed true that in each day is the potential from which you can create your own joy.

Have a nice day.



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