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Ave, lector!

I’m always excited in the morning because each day in college is like an inverse archeological dig.  Every action uncovers a little more of what my life will be like in the future.

And now that we’ve gotten THAT out of the way:

On the subject of PEOPLE.

People are interesting.

People are objects of remarkable depth.  Even if you’ve known a person for twenty years, there’s always a new conversation to have with one, always a unique statement to be made.

People are like onions.  Except instead of every layer making you want to cry, every layer you move past brings you closer to the truest self.

Unlike onions, however, people are infinite.  An onion eventually runs out of layers; a person is always entertaining.  Or at least more entertaining than an onion.

But a person’s ‘self’ is as fragile as it is expansive. A person once damaged may return to their life completely unharmed, or perhaps might never fully recover.  And even worse, and even less like onions, a person thus damaged could go on to damage others, and so on, sending slow ripples through the generations.

I personally choose to believe that all people are essentially good, and that each individual is unique and worthy of consideration as a unique entity, not as part of some sweeping generalization.

It makes life much better. I don’t have to bother about judging people all the time, I don’t need to pretend that anyone is particularly more likeable than anyone else, and it saves headaches and paranoia.

However, while I believe that all people are essentially good, unfortunately I rationally know that there are people who are not.  In fact, there are some people who just suck.

These people that just suck do not do so from malevolence.  They may be malevolent, but that is a result of something else, some cause or event deep in their past.  Evil does not arise of its own accord. Thus, these people should be dealt with for the good of society, but without forgetting that they are as human as any of us, and that their malevolence may even be curable.


So last night I had an idea. I was helped into having this idea by someone else, but THAT STILL COUNTS.

The idea is this.

I, like many people, have an account on the popular social networking website called FACEBOOK.

For the next week [that is, until next Thursday] I will not log onto my FACEBOOK account. Instead, anything I have to say I will say in a blog post, which will be updated daily. People on FACEBOOK have been informed of this and are perfectly welcome to comment, providing that they do not mention my REAL NAME, which is classified.

Through this, hopefully, I will be able to see just how much artistic energy I am wasting on FACEBOOK. The answer should be frightening.  If it is not I will be disappointed.

That is all I have to say for now.  If I think of more I will write a new blog post. YAY blog posts.



  1. I think this will be a cool experiment! ; )
    Much luck and love!

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