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Ave, lector,

How’s life?

I can’t think of anything to put in my blog post! Hurrah! I’ll just start writing, I figure.  That usually works.


I like Montaigne.

Here’s one of his essays.

On the subject of FRIENDSHIP.  D’aww.  I’m going to assume you’ve read it for the next two paragraphs.

Montaigne’s essay “Of Friendship” is not a casually written thing.  It is not about mere acquaintances, not about family.  Montaigne himself makes the point that he is not speaking about the average friendship, in which one must act “with prudence and precaution,” where “the knot is not so well tied that there is no cause to mistrust it,” but speaking of the kind of friendship that springs up instantly and lasts until death.  Yes, Montaigne has written an essay on the subject of Best Friends Forever.

Where I disagree with Montaigne (in this essay) is his rather pessimistic view that such a union is improbable between more than two people.  Although ‘disagree’ is in this case a strong word; I will concede that it makes sense logically, but it is my view that in matters of emotion logic should take a backseat.

OKAY, if you skipped that part, here’s where I start talking about something else.

THE MOVIE TOMBSTONE IS AWESOME.  You should see it.  Immediately. I’ll wait.


If you haven’t seen it already, then DO.  It’s possibly one of the best cowboy movies I have ever seen.

Also, I’ve seen a grand total of seven cowboy movies.


WITHIN THOSE SEVEN, Tombstone is my favorite. Watch it.  IF ONLY FOR DOC HOLLIDAY, because HE IS AWESOME.

Other than that point, I really find I have very little to say.  Or at least,  I have little to say to you, internet.


Now I have procrastinated long enough.  Alas.  I must do legitimate work, at least until something else distracts me from it.





  1. You have a very obtuse blog but it is entertaining. You need to blog more often.

    • Thanks very much for reading! I have been sadly slacking off of late as the college semester has drawn to a close, but I anticipate a burst of creativity over the winter break.

  2. Banana powder and Newt ears

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