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Here’s what’s new:

I’m writing a novel.

My school year is about to start.


MY BLOG, which you know RIGHT HERE, since you’re reading it, is going to be updating on a weekly basis, every FRIDAY.  Or on an eight-day basis if I spazz out on Friday for whatever reason.  This will be happening, and readers, if it doesn’t, you have my permission to give me crap about it.  I’ll be writing about WHATEVER. Usually it will have a topic vaguely related to my favorite learning experience of the week.  That will be fun and cool and I encourage you to stick around, because I’ll be condensing a college-level concept into SMALL WORDS by wrestling with it for an hour and a half and beating it into submission with my keyboard.  Basically you’ll get to learn things for free, and also it will probably be funny, is what I’m saying, so stay tuned for more PHILOSOPHY, PSYCHOLOGY, ANTHROPOLOGY, here are JUNGWILDEANDFREE.

IN ADDITION, here are some other blogs to check out for the new year!

Are you a social-justice minded person? Is Christianity a hot topic for you? Are you confused by LGBT issues and by religion? WELL LOOK NO FURTHER; for clarification on ANY OF THESE SUBJECTS, check out the fantastic, spunky, and so frequently touching  Like my own blog, it is updated sporadically, but she’s been much more regular about it than I have!

NEXT UP IS the phenomenal and indescribable  This blog is run by a poet with a remarkable eye for the artistic and rather a gift for blending poesy and prose.  Her topic, similar to Montaigne, is her own life—and although not every post seems to have a point, there’s food for thought in every one. Check it out!

THIS BLOG was just started recently by a friend of mine, but even the first post crackles right along and is done before you know it.  Like the person behind it, this blog is not easily ignored, and I am waiting on the next post with baited breath.  Head over to and give it a look!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, this blog has ALSO just started, but it looks promising.  It’s got an interesting concept and only a few posts.  We’ll see how the execution goes over at, but I’m keeping my eye on this one.  Decidedly NOT for kids, though.

MERRY NEW YEAR.  😀  I might not get y’all a post this week because of packing, but I’ll be back for sure NEXT FRIDAY!  So stick around, and check out these other blogs too! You won’t regret it.


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